Our Approach

Our Approach

Run Pretty empowers women to be healthy and happy with who they are and shows that even the busiest of the busiest can juggle it all.

True fitness is about feeling your best from the inside out. It is about being happy and healthy with who you are. You don't have to be the strongest or the fastest or even the best at what you do and that's okay. The most important part is that you are taking that step every single day and that what your are doing brings you pure happiness. Being pretty, or beautiful, does not mean your external appearance, that will change. Being pretty reflects on how you feel, your confidence and your attitude towards life, your dreams and your goals. That is what makes you pretty. Do everything you do pretty. Do it with confidence, do it with a smile. Run Pretty.

Our Story

Our Story

Lindsey grew up as a pretty active person. She was involved in many different sports such as Cheerleading, Outdoor Track, Softball, Surfing and Horseback Riding. She loves to spend the majority of her time outdoors. The one sport she could never grow to love was running though, until now. Once Lindsey moved to different towns to live with Evan, it was a little more difficult to do the things she loved and had to find a different outlet to relieve stress and be active. She had tried running a few times and did a couple of 5K's but it just never stuck. She didn't enjoy it but never did it consistently enough where she could come to enjoy it. One day it just clicked with her though. She signed herself up for her first 10K and committed to herself that she was going to do this. Running has now become something Lindsey has grown to love because not only has she seen all of the benefits from consistently running but she feels like she has also committed to her dog for her to live a happy and healthy life by running as well.

Meet the Team



Lindsey graduated college in 2017 with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. She accepted a claims assistant position at an insurance company immediately after graduation. Lindsey now holds her Adjuster's License in Workers' Compensation in two different states. She has always had a passion for writing, fitness and sports!



Vice President

Evan graduated college in 2015 with an Associate's Degree in Business Management. He works as a full time lumber sales man and on the side owns his own design company. When Evan is not working at his full time time job or on his business, you can find him at a race track on the East Coast.




Natalie graduated puppy class in 2016 and holds a certificate in World's Greatest Ball Catcher. She loves to go for runs with her momma, play fetch with dad and go for swims in the lake! Natalie is training for her first 5K with her Mom and Dad happening May 2018.

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