Morning Meltdown 100

As most of you may know, I became a Beachbody coach this past March. I cannot believe it has been already 4 months of this incredible journey! Beachbody has transformed the way I think about nutrition and fitness. It has also guided me with my training for my first ever Half Marathon and will continue do so with my future races! I love how I can easily incorporate these programs with my running schedule. I also love that Beachbody is constantly coming out with new programs to help keep things interesting and challenge us! The latest program, Morning Meltdown 100 releases in less than a week, July 29th, 2019, and it’s going to be awesome! Not only are there 100 unique workouts, but each workout is mixed with incredible music by a live DJ in the studio!

What Is Morning Meltdown 100?

Morning Meltdown is the brand-new Beachbody on Demand program from Jericho McMatthews. It will combine strength training, cardio, barre, flexibility and MMA in 100 unique workouts, which will all flow to the beats mixed from a live DJ in the studio! The program intends for you to create or maintain a morning workout routine, but it is not required that the workouts be done in the morning. The workouts will progress in difficulty throughout the program yet will challenge you from the beginning! With my new schedule at work, 11:30 AM – 8:00 PM, I have fallen off track with my workouts. This program couldn’t have come at a better time as I really need help organizing my mornings so I can get the most out of my time I have in the morning before work. 

The Breakdown of the Program

• Fitness Level: Intermediate (with 2 modifiers)

• Length: 100 workouts, 20–30 Min/workouts

• Equipment: Weights & Fitness/Yoga Mat

• Goals: Fat Burning & Muscle Toning

• Trainer: Jericho McMatthews

• Launch Date: July 29th, 2019

• LIVE DJ mixing every single workout!

What Will the Workouts in MM100 Be Like & What Equipment is Needed?

All 100 workouts are broken down into 5 phases of 20 workouts each.  In each phase, you’ll do a 10-workout cycle of 20- to 30-minute workouts, and then heat up the intensity and repeat those 10 with extra challenges. Light, medium, and heavy dumbbells are required. A yoga mat is optional.

100 Workouts NOT 100 Days

This program is designed with 100 workouts, but it is not required to complete it in 100 days. It is meant to work with YOUR lifestyle and schedule. Here are some ways you could make Morning Meltdown 100 work for you:

  • Complete 1 workout a day without missing and finish 100 workouts in 100 days.
  • Complete all 100 workouts in 100 days with rest days and stacking workouts on days you miss (so do two workouts to make it a 40 minute or 50 minute workout that day).
  • Complete all 100 workouts in longer than 100 days by simply taking rest days when needed and then picking up where you left off.
  • Modify Morning Meltdown 100 to work with your running (this is what I’ll be doing).

How to Combine Morning Meltdown 100 Along with Your Running

My next race is the Beach 2 Beacon on August 3rd, 2019 which is going to be a 10K race. I do not feel I will need as much training for this race since I am still in pretty good shape from my Half Marathon Training, I still am going to need to incorporate some running alongside this program. Based on reading the workout descriptions, this is how I think I will approach Morning Meltdown 100 and running:

• Skip the 3 cardio workouts OR if one of them is around 20 minutes, potentially add it on to another 20-minute workout.

• Schedule the upper body only “Upbeat Strength” or the core only “Core Inferno” for the day before my run.

• Schedule the lower body only “Downbeat Strength” any day but the day before my run.

• Most likely this means I will NOT be doing the workout program in the order on the workout calendar. 

• Sometimes stack two shorter workouts on top of each other when time/energy allows.

• Most importantly, I’ll listen to my body. Since running will be my #1 priority, I will rest when needed! I love that there are two active recovery workouts to do when I need them!

Morning Meltdown Nutrition Plan

Morning Meltdown 100 comes with its own nutrition plan, or you can use one of the Beachbody nutrition only programs along with it (Ultimate Portion Fix or 2B Mindset). As always, I recommend that all clients who are looking to lose weight and tone up follow the nutrition plan along with drink Shakeology for best results. The nutrition plan is portion-control based (no counting calories) and includes lots of yummy recipes!

Are You Up Ready to Commit?

All I can think about is how proud I’m going to feel when I complete 100 workouts! Can you imagine how great you will feel (and look) after completing this challenge? Remember, it’s not about being perfect – it’s about completing the workouts, no matter how long it takes you!

I want to do this with you! If you want to join our July 29th private Morning Meltdown 100 virtual accountability group and go through this together, please message me for details. My accountability groups are full of REAL people going through this together. We share the struggles along with the accomplishments and it’s a fun, supportive community! I’d love for you to join us!

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